At Cottolink, we present some of the most innovative, cutting-edge and intelligent fabric designs of men clothing. These are the exclusive designs which are made after intense research. We believe that it takes a lot of effort to choose and buy great fabric material. Not only that, we've also combined smart hand sewing to increase the efficiency of fabric and integrated high-tech processes that push the boundaries of textile production and its processes.

With our high-quality machinery and equipment, our embroidery and fabric textures have been developed to give you the best finished products.

Many of our fabrics have been developed by special yarns. Our production team does it by using high tech machinery and equipment as per the best quality standards in fabric manufacturing and consultation with fabric weaver masters.

Designing a new fabric with a unique texture can be difficult but not impossible. To bring out an entirely new texture, design or to look and choose appropriate dye colors for it can be exhilarating. That is why; our team of experts take each production phase with diligence. The creation process with the craftsman's prudence that is choosing the fiber and the yarn. Particular attention is paid to weaving and developing new techniques with state-of-the-art machinery. Special care is also taken by bringing out the finished product in the end. Cottolin takes into account, the very best and special color dye to maintain their quality and appearance on the fabric material.

Our unstitched fabric material is known for its quality and excellence, as we have invested heavily in research and development, which integrates with creativity. We use 100% pure natural fibers and raw materials of highest quality to produce the best fabric in the world.

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